Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 A Year in Review

2014 A Year in Review...
A couple of weeks ago, I had people especially mentors start reviewing 2014. I actually wasn't keen on reviewing immediately but I knew I had to even though I still believed the year has not totally ended. But with every passing day that gets us closer to 2015, I saw the need for 3 key things;
The need  to review 2014
The need to  take away the lessons from 2014.
And how necessary it is to plan for 2015.
2014, now referred  to as the 'past year has been a great year, there is no better time to be grateful than right now and even every time.
God has brought us from where we were to where we are and while we might not be where we intended, we are surely far from where we started from.
The past year has been a   wonderful year of fulfillment and happiness. I smiled,laughed and at a few times  cried. It was a wonderful year with a lot of successes and many platforms for feedbacks and learning .
I set goals across different spheres achieved most and dropped the ball in a few.
Above all I have become stronger and wiser off than I was . I have been blessed by more amazing relationships and the blessings are endless...