Wednesday, February 18, 2015

RISE TO GREATNESS: What does it mean?

It's a great day and I feel really bad about missing yesterday's post.
Today's post is to share and summarize what I highlighted on the live Mastery Session yesterday on Twitter- #RiseToGreatness. Enjoy !
It's God's desire that we all #RiseToGreatness and great attempts were made to really understand what it entails.

*For goals in #Health and #Fitness or w/e One key to consistency is #TrackingIT. My 110 push-ups today was at 0:00:57:54 #RiseToGreatness
What does it really mean to #RiseToGreatness ??
If you don't know or understand  what you truly seek or pursue, you limit your tendency to achieve it. #RiseToGreatness

When you know what you truly desire, you set clear goals and if you can set it; you definitely will easily #trackIT #RiseToGreatness

What does it mean to #RiseToGreatness in all spheres of life ?

Don't be afraid of Greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have 'it' thrust on them- Shakespeare
Rising to #Greatness means becoming all that you are capable of becoming. #RiseToGreatness

To raise your life to its next level of Excellence is to Rise to unlimited Greatness  #RiseToGreatness

You #RiseToGreatness when you keep Living your best life ever.

You #RiseToGreatness when you push through the limits.

Amongst other things, #RiseToGreatness is; taking charge of your life, taking responsibilities and grinding your goals to reality.

You #RiseToGreatness when you win the battle of the mind and you never give up after evey failure.
You #RiseToGreatness when you are committed to acting boldly on your God-given,ideas.
You #RiseToGreatness when your success has been duplicated in other people.
I like to read your feedback/comments.

Rise to Greatness.

Emmanuel Ayeni

Life coach,Engineer  and Entrepreneur