Tuesday, September 16, 2014


In this day 5 of 30, while I am grateful for a nice day with a wonderful movie hangout with friends and members of my Network Marketing company (Avenues to Wealth), I will still keep to the current gratitude plan and appreciate God for TALENT.
Talent is the innate ability developed or undeveloped which a man possesses. A talent is a gift or a natural endowment. I thank God for a couple of talents I am blessed with both tapped and yet untapped. Researchers propound that every super achiever has only used an infinitesimal part of all his mental endowment! indeed we are powerful beyond measure.

A study once revealed that the human brain is capable of comprehending a minimum of over 27 languages in his life-time, this shows the extent at which it's possible to not have developed all our vast talents- everyone is a potential hyperglot!
While I may not be a polyglot ( a master of multiple languages) yet, I am grateful for several other talents, ability to connect deeply with people of varying backgrounds,interest in new languages, a unique voice that has been complimented by God's grace times without number, and mostespecially my speaking and writing talent. They have been a blessing to me in times past and I believe they also hold for me a world of possibilities now and in the not-distant future. I am grateful to GOD .

What talents are you grateful for, I will appreciate your decision to share with me in the comments section.
Be blessed!
Emmanuel Ayeni