Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dream Big, Start Small & Grow Fast

I have today set out to write a deep and golden thought on a quote from a selected speaker and facilitator,Fela Durotoye,who really believes the concept “ Dream Big, Start Small and Grow Fast”.
This is actually true. And these few lines are dedicated to proving to you the importance of this cliché

You need to dream big
First of all, whether you’re starting your own small business or a big venture, you need a dream; this is because if you cannot see it, you can not lay hold on it. Dreaming is putting your mind on the reality of a pursuit trying to picture the future of your enterprise within your grasp and seeing how you practically feature in it, therefore never set sail without a dream.
Having ascertained the need for a dream.
YES! I need ask you what kind of dreams you have. Besides having dreams, you also need a big dream to drive and motivate you.
Your achievements in any pursuits will depend greatly on efforts you put into it and this will be greatly proportional to the size of the dream you already have.
According to the man of God and renowned anchor of the popular radio programme success powered Sam Adeyemi ‘You must have a Big Dream. Big Dreams attract Big People, while small dreams attract small people and small people create big problems.’
So start with a dream. Make it big and move on.
Start Small
The richest man in history said in a quote “Do not despise the days of little beginnings”. If you have conceived, then you should not lose it all to the inertia- i.e. the lazy tendencies of not starting at all or losing the motivation. Many people read great books or attend expensive seminars without making any progressive step. The two major culprits are loss of motivation and the illusion of the big break. Start in a small way, do the little things that matter
Only a grave is known to start from the top, so if you have dreamt to set up that big corporation. Start right away!
A major quote that will be of help to you here is this “Great people look at the Big Picture without losing attention to the little details”.
Grow Fast
Thank God you made it! So by now your thoughts have arranged into a wish and then you realized if wishes were horses beggars too would ride, so you decided to Dream instead of wish, and you had gone further to conceive a big dream. And if at all you have now started, I say ‘Congratulations’. However, don’t be overjoyed because the odds are against you.In fact, there are causes of events which are more inclined to stop you than you ever imagined. But the antidote? You need to surpass all expectations and outsmart all odds by growing your capacity. You grow your capacity through learning, evaluation and continuous researching. To grow fast, you must learn fast. Learn all there is to learn about your enterprise, pursuits or endeavor Grow as fast as you can and never stop growing.
Ayeni Emmanuel Oluwadunsin

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