Thursday, June 2, 2011


Thoughts are very powerful. my main is not to write an article about the power of thoughts, of course, I could write that another time, but my main aim is to release my thoughts into written words, as that does you and I much good. I really feel at best doing so, and I believe you also expect and enjoy it. But then we all have thoughts ,memories, ideas which are of varying degrees and some form of energy, which must vent out in a way or the other .
Some thoughts are mixed with emotions and are best expressed as notes and melodious sounds, soothing words while some are best as powerful words most often we might be inclined as to releasing them as written words which stirs up one reaction or the other.
I am glad to write and most happy you’re reading, It’s been a while, really, yet these thoughts cannot be held back ,they are a form of energy within me and I am so sure in all of the universe ‘energy can not be created nor destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to another’. I have within me these positive emotions of love, hope, serenity and great desires and the best way for me is to get it out here.
We are God’s thoughts His great ideas and a combination of His very energy and nature and as such He believes so much in us and we were never an accident. God thought about us ,spoke about His words and He went to work with His thoughts, to have a unique result-You and I! Your thoughts are unique work on them.
Great thoughts positively worked on and carefully expressed, over the past centuries have been the basis for great speeches, inventions revolutions and civilizations. Thoughts have been expressed in more impacting ways in music, as words, great works of poetry, beautiful paintings and art master piece. Your thoughts are powerful; express them.
Work on your thoughts, never neglect the thoughts within you, they could metamorphose into great ideas ,words, a great cause or a great product .At best make sure they are as positive as they possibly can and then they can have the greatest effect on You, Africa and the world at large.

Ayeni Emmanuel Oluwadunsin.

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