Monday, April 9, 2012


They beat Him with many stripes. Preferring a robber to the Prince of Peace, they condemned Him to death… and just when they thought it was over.. They had sealed his tomb; it was heavily guarded by the best security agency the government could afford. Alas! ‘Maktub!’ -It is written, and so it came to pass, they came to look for ‘the Living among the dead’ but just as he had said, on the third day, the Son of man rose again. He conquered sin and death and He is alive forevermore! Easter is here, the joyful season when all Christians around the world celebrate the crucifixion, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Easter is different from all other festivities in all uniqueness. Apart from the fact that it comes once in a year, it’s not the celebration of the birth of the greatest legend of greatness alone, much more than that, it celebrates the sacred phenomenon of resurrection on which the Christian faith is based. It is the resurrection of The King! The central theme of Easter borders on the Person of Jesus Christ, as He is the Reason for the Season. So amidst the felicitations of this season, it is of paramount importance that His nature of selfless love and great sacrifice for the redemption of mankind get our main focus. This should form the core of our interpersonal relationships and lives from now. As we merry and rejoice together, I wish you all a Happy and Joyful Easter celebration .May the love of Jesus grow and wax stronger in us. Let glasses clink!


Emmanuel Ayeni

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