Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personal Reflection: The Subject Of Creativity

Keyword : "CREATE: [kree-eyt] verb, to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes” source:

In the first chapter of the book of creation -Genesis*, God created all things on different days of the week, but he made man on the sixth day! So I became inspired in my spirit man that the number six can be associated with creation. And the focus on this month is on the Subject of Creativity. I believe The Holy Spirit is The Spirit of creativity.

In this month of June, which happens to be the sixth month of the year, we will be reflecting more on the subject of creativity. Man himself was created on the sixth day

A coincidence? Well,talking about creativity it might be defined in different areas and from diverse perspectives.

Creativity for you could be making a new product, honing your skills or taking your talents to a new dimension, it is not all about creating something new alone but rather it could mean, improving on the existing form It could be spicing up a romantic relationship, bringing more value to the table, looking into issues from a different perspective or solving the same problem with a different approach

Perhaps this might be the time to do something new with the usual or doing the usual in a new way.

Whichever way, let's spark up the creativity flame from here. From preparing the same meal with a different recipe to proposing a new idea to solve an existing problem

Your thoughts and comments will be appreciated on this, you never know how valuable and constructive your criticisms can be since it comes from the creative YOU.

Your creative friend,

Emmanuel Ayeni


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