Monday, July 30, 2012


A story was once told of a young boy who went mountain climbing with his Dad, when they got to a particular cliff where they had camped ,he decided to take a walk by himself.

He walked out to the cliff and shouted and he heard a voice shouting back at him,… he went back to his Dad and told him ‘Dad there is someone out there in the cliff ‘telling me I am a bad person’ The Father smiled and said to him ‘Son, go back out there and shout back to the person ‘You are the best’. The young man went back out into the cliff and made a shout, he heard the person shout back at him, this time he went ahead and did what his Dad told him, then he shouted ‘You are the best!’ Immediately he heard the voice shout back to him ‘You are the best!’ with that he shouted more and more and the voice came back to him stronger and stronger, ‘You are the best!!!’…

This ageless Universe has long been governed by set of natural laws or rules which are proven and irrefutable. We experience them in our daily course of life, we have been under the influence of these laws either directly or indirectly most often knowingly or unknowingly.

These laws of life are as old as the Universe itself, yet they are true and valid under any circumstance in any part of the world. They can be referred to by different many names, a common example is the law of Karma-of sowing and reaping.

Another important of such laws is the Law of Echo. The principle behind this was clearly explained in elementary physical science, which clearly illustrates that when a sound is propagated it comes back towards the source based on the principle of reflection of waves. This was illustrated by my story.

This principle also holds true in nature. The law of echo is based on the laws of reflection of waves. The law of echo states that every sound you make or send to the Universe is reflected back to you.

When you speak to the universe, the Universe echoes back your words to you.It bring back to you what you speak to it. The great Book also affirms this that... ‘He shall have whatsoever he says’.

This law can be put to good use by being conscious of the sounds you make or what you say to the Universe, Instead of confessing the negative; you can speak bold and powerful affirmations and create the kind of response you hope to receive. God has put the laws in place for the maximum good of mankind.

Go and Achieve greatness!

Your great friend,

Emmanuel Ayeni


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