Sunday, August 5, 2012


Today I will share with you a very powerful topic. It stems from our previous discussion on the subject of creativity. It is about bringing on the power of creativity on the greatest factor that matters in the world –Yourself!

You need to take your creativity to a new level by recreating yourself or in a broader way reinventing yourself. To do this I need you to pay “RA-P.T” attention

RAW: Everything that now exists has always existed in one lower form or raw a form before. The finest Italian furniture once existed as log in a stockpile.

The best designer shirts we now wear were once in the raw form of cotton and unsynthesized fibres and fabrics which might have never been of any good use to anyone at that state.

Even the precious diamond set in the royal diadem was once a dirty, hard and rough stone buried within the mass of rubbles and dirt beneath the earth.

So also the greatest achievers were once within the common reach of mediocrity, the high flyers of today once crawled in the subway of failure…

POTENTIAL: Everything in its present raw form has the next possible superior form hidden inside it. The aluminium was gotten from the rock of bauxite, and the utensil of great finesse made from aluminium. So also the little baby will become the young boy…, the young boy a handsome young man and the old man is the Youngman’s father… Everything and everyone can only get better and better..

THE TWO-WAY STREET: Yeah! It is perhaps like wielding a double edged sword, like a coin there are two sides to it. You either get better or the other way round, you either get richer or poorer. This is exactly like a two way street, If you do not get better you probably are sliding down the other part, nature has got no vacuum in it, everything keeps vibrating.

This is all about the need for reinventing yourself….

I look forward to our next inspirational meeting

Your greatfriend,

Emmanuel Ayeni


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