Monday, October 8, 2012

Breaking the Limits

Breaking the Limits

There has been a popular notion, that the best way to hide information from a black man is to put it in a book. I am sure those who propagated this saying must have studied the poor reading habit of the average African man. They believe most Africans would rather spend time before their television sets than sitting down to pore over the pages of a book. This old idea might be true, but I believe it can actually be changed in today’s world. We Africans can change our attitude to learning, we can cultivate a lifestyle of winners by reading .I believe young people and adults can change the attitude to learning and reading through the following steps, summarized in the acronym of ‘READ’.

Read a book every month; Make-up your mind to read at least one good book every month. It could be on any of such topics as health, science, politics, motivations, sports or biography..Whatever topic or subject you choose, reading a book every month adds to your repertoire of knowledge and your vocabulary.

Empower Yourself with Relevant information: To stay relevant you must be informed. We are in the era of information, in which information travels in amazing speed and knowledge is priceless. To be in touch, one must constantly be open to the right source of information. Read the newspapers, magazines and even signposts. Keep track of the current trend of knowledge.

• Acquire the right skills: There certain skills necessary for your success in your chosen career or in your prospective field. Discover these skills and acquire them. Attend trainings, seminars and read good books that put this into perspective

Develop yourself personally: Finally, you need to commit your time and effort to your personal development. Never stop growing. The room of improvement is the largest room in the world. Always look out for ways to become better. There are a lot of books dedicated to the aspect of personal development and cultivating a successful lifestyle.

Reading a book can always be a form of self education and entertainment as the case may be.

However I believe taking this tips into account will break any limit of ignorance completely!

Your great Friend!

Emmanuel O. Ayeni



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