Sunday, January 27, 2013


Move into your strength zone.

Eyes that look are many but eyes that see are few. Seeing yourself in a new light gives you a sense of reality into who you are and it also positions you for peak performance. You are the hero; the champion, you are your only kind of breed that has ever been.

The best happenings of your life will happen outside your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone far too long does no one any good. Your comfort zone is the limiting cushioned box of potential..

Today you will choose to leave your comfort zone.

Many opportunities are rife outside your comfort zone.

This very place outside your comfort zone is your strength zone. It is like moving from the damp darkness into the bright light of reality that gives life to the chlorophyll of your dreams.

Outside here is where the sunshine is, here the wind blows; the clouds gather and release their full weight in rainfall.

Awake and arise from the slumbering nature of your comfortable shell. Step up to your strength zone. it is where the champions roll, Up beyond the skies, that’s where the Eagles soar. And up there is where you really belong.


In life you will always need to know when to call it ‘quit’ without being a quitter. You will need to really evaluate and see those who are the Feeders or Killers of your goals. You will always need to know when to say your ‘goodbye’ to folks, foes and friends and move on in the direction of your dreams. This is the point when you will choose whether to crawl, walk, run or fly. Thread carefully in the Valley of Decision…At this point you will fall on one of the two; your flight plan, your fight plan or both.

It wasn’t a very easy one for the caterpillar but it chose to move on and become a butterfly! Often times you will need to make a choice as well.

The Elastic never knew it could fit into the space until it was stretched. Not everyone will be as fortunate to have someone stretch them as the elastic, but we all will mostly have the opportunity to stretch ourselves- and if you have just read to this point, I think you just did exactly that. .

There is no limit to more amazing things that would happen if we stretch ourselves every day. Endeavour today to cross the thin line between your comfort zone into your strength zone

Your Great Friend,

Emmanuel Ayeni


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