Saturday, February 16, 2013


Recently, I wrote about clearing the clutters i.e. removing the unnecessary out of our lives. Today I will bring that to a close by looking at the benefits of ridding our lives of the clutters.

I identify 5 things clearing the clutters will do for you:


It increases your productivity: I once had to use a Computer at work with old files and different folders scattered all over the desktop, all the times i worked on this desktop, I was only able to get half of the reports and works done in the required time, trying to navigate my way around different Icons. However, when I took time to sort out the unnecessary pile of files, I discovered work became easier and much fun to do. When you decide to clear the clutters in your life, your creativity increases by a jet propulsion, in fact you achieve much more in little time and with less resources all because you prioritized


It energizes your life: I have discovered a number of times that when I have books (and I always do), old newspapers(mostly half-read) and several other things scattered all over my wardrobe or study, It usually saps me of my personal energy, I spent most of the time trying to figure out what exactly I need to do and in what order. This is because things haven’t been arranged and the unnecessary stuffs gotten rid of.So when I rearranged the books and materials, I got rid of old stuffs,that shouldn’t even be in there in the first place.And you know what? The study became more inviting to me, and I want to spend more time in there all because I feel refreshed and energized again.


It keeps you focused on your goals: Removing the clutters in every area of our lives, makes us more focused, we know the people and things that matter and their rankings in order of priority. Do you remember how many times we wanted to do things, and we just couldn’t seem to ‘google’ it up all because everything is just out of place, it could be in the area of relationship, finance, career etc. I discover when I re-evaluate every project with action steps, it makes working on the important things easier and when things go wrong(which it sometimes could) I can have an idea of what could be the cause.


It saves you more money and time: From my earlier example getting the unnecessary stuffs out of our lives, saves us more resources in time and money. The time that is put into planning and removing the clutters, helps a lot in saving much more time that would have been saved in figuring out things or locating the exact position of things at very demanding hours. Think of how proper budgeting can save a few more nairas or dollars spent on unnecessary areas or things.


It simplifies your life: And finally, clearing the unnecessary clutters saves us a lot of stress and simplifies things. I remember how difficult a task it always was searching for a particular tool in our big tool box while growing up, all because we had all sorts of the old, the new tools stored up together. Who doesn’t want things in the simplest possible form? I am sure we all do. And that is what removing the clutters does for us.We can reach and do things faster, better and in the best possible way.

Till next time, go and achieve greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni


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