Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Alphabet of Greatness

The Alphabet of Greatness

If you were ever going to be an alphabet? What letter of the alphabet would you be?

One day I began to think on all the alphabets and I tried to conclude on which of all the alphabets, I consider as my very best.

I could have chosen ‘A’ at least being the first, it stands for excellence which I love and also love to always attain, but then I felt there should be more to an alphabet I love more than that. Then, “ what is it?” I asked myself again. Perhaps it is Z?, surely not, although it comes last & its distinct, yet I do not regard this as my best alphabet. So, I didn’t stop thinking about it.

Then clearly enough and not too long. It struck me like a bolt from the blue. There seems to be one, of all the alphabets that appeals to me most! In fact, numerically among others , It appeals to me. Have you ever thought about the letter ‘G’ ?

It means more to me than all the alphabets of the English alphabet and perhaps and French since I speak a bit of that too and I’m still a student of the language.

The alphabet ‘G’ to me is a special one. If you look closely at it, you would definitely see what I mean. It is the seventh letter of the English alphabet and seven connote perfection. So if you will agree, I see 'G' as a perfect letter.

On a more important note, the alphabet 'G' stands for everything that I love so much, hold in high regard or that is dear to my heart.

First of all of all G starts the name of the most powerful being in the world .the name of the Almighty.( I believe in GOD. He is the giver of life and He is greater than the Greatest...) i am sure you do too.

Also G stands for Gladness, a wonderful state of mind.

G stands for Glory: an iridescent display of essence of a thing or being of great persona

G stand for Gold the precious gem and also the stuff of which champions are made of… and of course a measure of wealth too

G stands for Grace: An exceptional show of unmerited favour

G stands for gratitude an exceptional attitude that that can project to high altitude

G stands for Greatness: A wonderful and intriguing subject which I can never stop studying.

G stands for generation..the span in which landmark success is measured

G stands for Gem! and that's what YOU are

G stands for GO! The verb that has unleashed immeasurable acts through history

And the list... is endless

If you were a letter in the alphabet, what would you be?

Emmanuel Ayeni

Go for Greatness!



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