Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It's a great day! Today I will like us to do a sequel to our last thread, and it is a continuation of the law of echo treated here

The law of echo is the direct corollary of the law of resonance, like other universal laws, nobody invented or postulated it but it has always been there at work only for us to discover them.

The law of Echo explains furthers the physical occurrence of echo, which is clearly {shown in the equation V=2x/T where V is velocity, X is the distance traveled by the sound wave and T is the time factor involved} illustrated by the phenomenon of reflection of sound, when a sound emanates from a source, it travels like any other wave through any medium and a certain degree of it is reflected towards the source.

This serves as a basis to the thought that whatever you say to the universe travels a long way and comes back to you, one thing that must be described here is that it goes through twice the distance you are from the universe and comes back to you in a factor of time.

Most times, many people speak to the universe what they detest and do not like ,they speak the negative and after some time it comes back to them ,the universe echoes their own voice to them.

However, we can always take advantage of this law by saying to the universe the exact things we want rather than those we don’t want and we can expect the universe to echo it back to us. Most especially, if it is said in faith.

One great way to apply this is affirming and praying our goals into being in the great and mighty name of Jesus, we will have results coming to us faster and stronger than we can ever imagine.

Your Great Friend!

Emmanuel Ayeni



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