Monday, March 10, 2014


It’s a wonderful Monday morning, few hours before mid-day, I am off from work and so I decided to rest today from the previously busy week –busy but exciting , I am grateful to God.
I discover it takes extra work to bring myself to rest. I am by nature calm but full of energy, agility, a sense of adventure to see things and explore.

The plan was to rest. But then I was moving around the house seeing if everything was in order, no thanks to PHCN (Power holding Company of Nigeria) I could have been watching TV or still be hitting away at the keys of my Laptop. But all gadgets powered off with only a phone with only voice calls capability. So I decided to just chill in the garden and enjoy the cool breeze and the wonderful shade of green. I love nicely kept gardens with flowers, the sight and sound of waterfalls.

And as I just lay there on the lawn I enjoyed every bit of it. This is real rest. I listened to the voice of silence constantly being intruded by noise of all forms from far and near. The continuous hammering of nails by the distant carpenter, who never stops nailing who-knows-what. Sounds of passing auto mobile, some distant sounds of a generator struggling to work for its owner.
So I thought about writing a new article on health, since I couldn’t finish up the one on my mobile device. So with my favourite Shang hang ® fountain pen, I started wetting the innocent white page again with black ink- I haven’t ‘written ‘ an article this way in a long while- Thank God for mobile phones, Laptops and perhaps sooner still probably a Tablet or Phablet.
So Laying on the lawn I discovered made me more appreciative of nature. I noticed a miniature ecosystem at this level. The life of insects finding their way across the grass, colourful millipedes climbing a grass stalk ,then the blossoming apple trees dotted by the young pink fruits and above all the cool breeze with the gently sunshine smiling gently out of the plain skies, and of course the rustling sounds of leaves on nearby trees dancing with the wind.

I always love to watch my pen dance again on the blank white field. I will probably end this by completing a Spiritual/Gospel  book I was reading or read an entirely new romance novel or I  better still just close my eyes and imagine myself to be on vacation on an exotic beach in Miami, Florida or that I am relaxing on some lush green grass on some islands in Seychelles or better still I am having a great time in Cancun – Mexico or at the Bahamas.
Whatever It is, I am at rest.
Your Billionaire Friend,
Emmanuel Ayeni


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