Monday, September 22, 2014


DAY 11 of 30
Today i thank God for a pet. My pet was a wonderful dog called Tasker. I love nice, neat and well trained dogs.
Tasker was a brownosh-black mongrel breed, we had gotten months before we moved to our new country home. I took it in as a puppy and began to train it.
I trained it and it could obey some simple.commands like sitting,shaking hands etc.
Tasker was a lovely dog that i felt almost became a part of the family, placing a phone call back home from Uni and asking of 'everybody' wasn't complete until i had asked after 'Tasker'.
Tasker. An aunt suggested the name while I was reviewing the best names. The name is actually a variation of Laska, the first dog that landed on the moon.
It was a lovely dog and my siblings couldn't help crying when it got so old and died some times last year.
Every one needs a pet, perhaps a dog or whatever you like...Tasker was a great pet and I am so grateful to God to have had it.

I love to read your feed backs on your comment section of you are open to sharing with us.

Just being grateful,

Emmanuel Ayeni

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