Tuesday, September 2, 2014


DAY 22 of 30


In my meditations on the subject of greatness, I ponder on how and why people live below their true calling, purpose and personal greatness.

Peak performance expert Anthony Robbins noted Personal power as one of the vital keys to success in any endeavour.
I thought so much about the concept of people giving away their power as being responsible for poor performance, in fact
i thought so much about it and I even see many occasions in which I have been guilty of this as well as some present occasions in which I am still guilty of( Yes! I believe the school of thought that says we all are a work in progress.
However I believe we can take back our power through some quick ways once we know how we give our power away.

1. Take back your Power form Lateness:Be Punctual! Have you ever felt bad when you were late for an event or an occasion?
This feeling shows the feeling that comes from giving away your Power to lateness. You start taking back your power when you chose to
be early for every event or any appointment.

2. Take back your power from procrastination: I recently undertook a particular project, I had a window of months before this
but by failing to focus on the paradigms of what was urgent and important, I refused to prioritize and then I started off to
end of the project with limited spaces.I faced the consequence of not being able to perform at the very best possible peak I knew i could
I learnt form the experience that procrastination is not only a thief of time but rather a thief of personal power, energy, efforts and even
in some cases a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
When you allow your power be taken away by procrastination or any vices, you debar yourself from best possible performance.

3.Make the right Decision: Do the right thing! A famous sage quotes the need to stand for what is right, even if it means standing alone.
You give away your power when you choose to do the wrong thing, because everyone is doing it.
There is always a strong positive feeling you get when you have done the right thing no matter what! I like to call it the “I-am-scored-feelings”
Take back your power, do what you have to do when you need to do it.

4.Tell her you Love her!: On a radio programme I listened to couple of years ago, I learnt that so many people had a special person in their lives they always wished they had told something wonderful like 'thank you' 'I am sorry' or 'I love you!' When we fail to nurture and treasure the relationships that are so dear to us, we give our powers away unwillingly and without the joy it brings to operate in personal power. I challenge you to take back your power from fear. Reflect and take action,pick up the phone, schedule the meeting and nurture the positive relationships in your life.

5.Take Responsibility: We give away our powers when we refuse to follow up motivation with the necessary action it usually requires.Excuses take away our powers, the true test of maturity is when we own up to our weaknesses and mistakes by taking responsibilities for them and addressing them. Responsibility is an important measure of 'leadership-content' and when we show personal leadership by taking responsibility, we will be in a good position to lead others. This is when we will understand what it means to take back our powers and to reinvest it in others.

Not only is it a "Long walk to Freedom" like Mandela opined in his popular book title but it is also a long walk to greatness, but if we take back our power and leverage on positive relationships like mentorship, friendship and fellowship, the long walk
can become an interesting stroll because we have enough power to sustain ourselves and others all through the way.


Today, I take back my power!
I aspire and become all that God has created me to become!
I take responsibility for my life and actions
I dwell in the realm of abounding and unlimited possibilities
I am like a far-reaching beam reaching others in amazing positive ways
I am living life to the fullest as an expression of God's goodness and greatness

Take Back your Power!
Your Billion-Dollar friend
Emmanuel Ayeni

Life-coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur

(c)August 2014, Emmanuel Ayeni

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