Thursday, September 4, 2014


DAY 24 of 30


I love people. I love meeting people and thus I am in the business of meeting and helping people this is what I do for most part of my time and I believe I am on a journey to a point where I can do this on my own full time and of my own volition . I get a lot of fulfillment from being a part of the solution process to a problem, after all it’s important to the work of an Engineer and a life coach and the vision of Network Marketing especially on the Platform of Avenues to Wealth continues to give me that opportunity while offering personal development, financial rewards and lot more benefits in the process.
Earlier in the day while I set about a few personal tasks, I began to reflect on the nature of people, I understand there are different types of people regardless of race, sex or other criteria, however I believe people we come will always be in 5 major categories as I shared with a friend over lunch.

1. People who are confused:
The world is a big place and things happen so fast that it is not impossible to find people who are really confused at the way things look or things are, this people for instance may not know where they are or perhaps where they are going too.
2. People who are Lost:
People who are lost obviously set out for a certain destination but they are not where they would love to be and really they usually do not know where they are they are off course and will always need someone who can help them retrace their steps or a compass to set them back on the right path,
3. People who are Not Sure: These are people who are not certain. They are might not be lost or confused at times they know but they are not just sure. They might not be sure about their core-values they might not be sure about their position but they will always deal with half knowledge and very truly a 'little knowledge is a dangerous’

4. People who are very sure: This people are sure. There is no mincing words they are very sure. These categories of people know where they are going and they know where they are coming from.These are people you naturally want to walk with. They know where they are going and sure enough to take people along with.Because of this level of clarity they usually have the capacity to show leadership and engender positive change.

5. The followers :
This is a broad category which will usually consist of people from any of the previous categories. These people will usually follow anyone and go anywhere. The main nature or characters of these people affect the quality of decisions they make in following or making decisions.If they are sure, they usually chart the course ,lead or be very good followers and if they are in the other categories they make decisions based on that.

Go achieve greatness!

Your Billion-Dollar friend
Emmanuel Ayeni
Life-coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur

(c)August 2014, Emmanuel Ayeni

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