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1.Make Money: Earn as much money as you possibly can. It should be your goal to make as much money as possible. Sharpen your skills; Enhance yourself. We live in a world of unlimited abundance and abounding opportunities. As a matter of fact, if you look well, you will see money everywhere even on the streets. I mean it!

2. Save; Save and save: Hold on to it as much as you can; it's not how much you earn but how much you keep that makes you financially free. You must learn to save. Save as much as possible till it becomes an habit. Your goal is not to be financially secured but to be financially free; Financial freedom is far from anyone who can not save at least 10% of his income throughout his lifetime. Take baby steps ad then giant strides. Get started now.

3. Manage Money : Reduce your expenses as much as possible. A large percentage of millionaires practice frugality than most middle class folks. if you are in doubt read the Millionaire Next Door, while it is a conservative book on achieving the Millionaire status, it is still resourceful.

4. Multiply your money by channelling your savings to worthwhile and well investigated investments.
According to George Clason in Richest Man in Babylon; Wealth is like a tree that usually grows from a tiny seed. Savings help you accumulate. Investment helps you multiply what you already accumulated. Explore the magic of compound interest; explore different investment vehicle. Your goal is to have your investments earn much more than you earn actively.

5. Leverage: Leverage is doing much more than little. Leverage is like riding the wings of eagles; sitting on the shoulders of giants. Leverage is synergy. Learn the power of partnerships of teams; Synergize! There are different forms of Leverage OPM; Other Peopl's Money; OPE; Other People's Efforts and OPK; Other People's Knowledge. Never be afraid to ask for help you can achieve much more by teaming up pools of resources with other people.
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