Wednesday, October 8, 2014


FOR DAY 26 of 30
While faith is the source of all things. Wisdom is the principal thing. While knowledge is crucial to any endeavour, Wisdom simply is the correct application of knowledge, wisdom is essential for building a successful life, men of great purpose reign by wisdom. I am grateful for wisdom.

As essential as wisdom is, it can be qotten or acquired- I am a student in the school of Wisdom and have discovered by God's grace 20 ways wisdom is acquired- this is a lesson for another post. My favourite *Book emphasizes the need to "Get wisdom" and the great benefits associated with it. I am thankful for Wisdom because it is the key that unlocks the doors of Treasures and Riches.
Once again I am all the more excited ad thankful by the fact that I can become wise by association. I can also choose to ask God for wisdom- this was the source of the popular and indispensable wealth and wisdom of Solomon...It remains unbeaten in the history of man. I am grateful for this great gift called wisdom.
Wisdom is a great treasure to be searched for, yet I am grateful we are not left without a map, according to my Favourite Book "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom" *
Wisdom is key to living life to the fullest because it is the true foundation of Health and Wealth.

(*Refrences have been made to the King James Version of the Holy Bible.)


Emmanuel Ayeni

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