Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It's a great day! I believe it is replete with great opportunities. One of these great opportunities is the opportunity to make money.It feels good making money. I feel good every time, my joy is not based on circumstances or material acquisition, however, I also feel good when I make money.I don't currently know anyone who feels bad making money, if there is you can share with us in the comment section :) - i love reading your feedback in the comment section below.
Today I think I owe a couple of people the need to show you how to make more money. I wish I could give you the keys to the vast wealth of the universe and I am sure that will gladden your heart, but as God will help me I will share vital tips that will do just that.

1. GOD is the Source: I have always learnt and come to terms with this every now and then. You see, this is deeper than i can fathom, but we will simply wrap our minds around it from an angle, Your paycheck isn't your source, your shop or office or no man around you is your source, they are all vital in the flow and scheme of things,however God is your source.
The Universe is filled with vast wealth and abundance, yes! No matter the contrasting things you hear in the news or you see every day or around you. There is so much wealth in the world currencies in trillions of Naira, Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen it! Vast amount of gold,diamonds, mineral deposits, crude oil, and all forms of natural resources, they were all created by GOD, and the ones not created by God were created by man through God-inspired ideas! You will love Lessons in Abundance
THink of the Ocean, all water bodies flow from here and there and still end up in the ocean, the ocean is vast and still feeds other lives the cycle goes on and on. God is your source.So there is abundance all around you, all you need to do now is to access it and the good news is He is interested in giving you not bits of it but as much as THE KINGDOM!

2. Opportunities Abound: We are current surrounded by great opportunities more than there has ever been in the history of the world. Opportunities are always around you, on the street, in a conversation everywhere..The easier you relate with that the better.Every opportunity to solve people's problems is an opportunity to make money, because according to great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar
You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want. "
Imagine the growing population of the over 7.5 billions of people in the world we are not likely to run out of opportunities in our entire lifetime and the same is true for generations unborn.

3. Permit Yourself to Be Wealthy: Most people will never permit themselves to be wealthy. They continuously love and reinforce poor, self limiting beliefs and mentality.This is where the first work starts in making money flow to you and becoming really wealthy which transcends just making money today. You need to work on your desires and your belief system. HOW 'BADLY' DO YOU WANT IT, If you really want more money you must have a really strong desire and be read to take positive necessary steps to make it happen in the most legal ways.Your belief system will enhance the achievement of this goal since you now operate from a vantage point with a wealthy and healthy outlook on life.

4. Raise Your Financial Intelligence: There is a law of Money Mastery I believe in and will always share 'More Money constantly flow towards those who have mastered the creation, management and the use of money' This can also be referred to as the law of Money Stewardship, it has its basis in the parable of the talents. The Steward who was given 5 talents and made profit was given more by his master. When you have increased your wisdom in the areas of Wealth you can but have more money flowing towards you faster than you even need. You might need to read here some basics i shared on Financial intelligence like Money101 ,The 7 Ways of Making Money and Wealth Creation: 5 Ways the Rich and Wealthy Create Wealth

5. THE POWER OF AFFIRMATIONS: The Yoruba Proverb 'A pe mora eni, l'a npe TEMIDIRE' It literally means to be really blessed and experience success, 'Customize it' 'Personalize It',It must be your personal Confession. To make money flow towards you now, more than ever before, you will need to use the power of positive affirmations. Affirmations are positive confessions, i wrote a article The Power of Positive Affirmations to explain this. I share below some of my favourite wonderful affirmations that I have learnt and continue to share with people; MONEY FLOWS TO ME EASILY! I LIVE AND WALK IN ABUNDANCE; I AM GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR ABUNDANCE; I AM SUCCESSFUL; I AM BLESSED; I AM DAILY FURNISHED WITH ALL THE RESOURCES I NEED TO SHOW FORTH GOD'S GLORY. I MAKE MORE MONEY THAN I SPEND! I ALWAYS HAVE MONEY! THERE IS ABUNDANCE! I AM GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR HEALTH AND WEALTH!

I believe this will serve the purpose of making you wealthier than you currently are. I want you to be wealthy.I surely believe it is our birth right, we deserve it.Having great Wealth will help you touch more lives positively in your entire lifetime,Acknowledge God as The Source by first being grateful for what you have and what is possible, Open your eyes to opportunites and possibilites around you, Change your belief system,Raise your Financial Quotient,Be Positive and Confess Money Coming to You Easily... And More Money will come to you easily FASTER than you can Imagine!! Yes

Money Comes to Us Easily Today and Always!

Emmanuel Ayeni
Your billionaire Friend,

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