Saturday, January 31, 2015

The WISDOM  Dynamics

The WISDOM  Dynamics
It's a great day and it is in the path of Wisdom to be grateful to God for every bit of it.
I feel today is the greatest day in the world and I am prepared to live it as such- to the fullest.
Today I have chosen to write about wisdom. It is not an exhaustive writing on wisdom as it were but it will be insightful in its own way. The subject of wisdom is a peculiar one and should be carefully treated. To understand a thing we need to look carefully at its definition.
Wisdom can be defined as the right and correct application of knowledge.
Wisdom is the principal factor on which every sound judgement  is based.

Wisdom is also defined as the manifestation of long term thinking.

Wisdom is therefore a topic that needs to be studied from time to time.

Emmanuel Ayeni

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