Monday, February 9, 2015


So I like to share key points from my twitter timeline on @emmandus

E. Ayeni|#LIFE Coach ‏@Emmandus

It's a great day at The House of #Emmandus It's a Marvelous Monday.Welcome to a new edition of #RiseToGreatness with Emmanuel Ayeni
Keep moving, it helps you gather momentum. Slowing down only helps if you need to gather your breath.. #RiseToGreatness

Nothing beats your undying resolve to succeed above all odds. #RiseToGreatness

Man's greatness endowment next to his living spirit, is his mind this is the seat of #Greatness #RiseToGreatness

The gold of greatness is MINED in the raw grounds of your #MIND #RiseToGreatness

You will either fall or rise in the direction of your MIND. #RiseToGreatness

If you can see it, you can seize it! #RiseToGreatness

Light travels at a speed of 300 millions metres per second & sound at about 400 metres per second ! #RiseToGreatness

You can get there first by seeing it first! Your mind is the canvass where it's drawn. Light travels faster than sound #RiseToGreatness
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If you look for #Greatness you will find it! It's in you! #RiseToGreatness

The Seeds of Greatness have been planted in you by God.Nurture It! #RiseToGreatness

Same seeds different grounds. You determine what grows on the grounds of your #MIND #RiseToGreatness

Mine the Treasures of Greatness in Your Mind. Read. Learn.Think.Pray. Meditate. Ask! Act. Fail,Succeed! Listen.Share. #RiseToGreatness

It's been great today on #RiseToGreatness I hope to see you at one of our live events this week, …

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