Monday, March 16, 2015

#RiseToGreatness : Recognize Greatness

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It's a great Monday Monday Morning welcome to another edition of #RiseToGreatness
with Emmanuel Ayeni, LifeCoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur.

Today we will continue on the subject of Recognizing Greatness #RiseToGreatness

Stay with me on this I am gifted and anointed to do this #RiseToGreatness

It is in the Character of Greatness to recognize superior Greatness when you enter into its presence.#RiseToGreatness

When you come face to face with greatness, you will definitely know it. Recognize it. #RiseToGreatness

What you fail to Recognize exits your life, by failing to Recognize it, you fail to acknowledge that it exists.#RiseToGreatness

The Greatness you fail to acknowledge its existence exits your life #RiseToGreatness

Greatness exits your life when you fail to realize that it exists. #RiseToGreatness

Never be ignorant of the greatness in yourself and above all; Always recognize the greatness in others.#RiseToGreatness

When you enter into the presence of greatness, you will know. Always Recognize Greatness

What is Recognized gets Celebrated and what is Celebrated gets Rewarded

Rise to unlimited Greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni

Lifecoach,Engineer and Entrepreneur

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