Saturday, May 16, 2015

Coming to Lagos.

Coming to Lagos.
I am sure  we all remember the very popular movie of the 90s Coming to America, but not many of us know how great a phenomenon Coming to Lagos was for many of us- at least,for me it was, back then as a young school boy born in Ibadan, Oyo state and brought up in Osogbo, Osun state- both states are in Nigeria, West Africa.I always looked forward to coming to Lagos during my holidays.
Those days, Lagos was held in high regard as a land of beauty and wits- I believe it's still a centre of excellence. A while ago  I thought it's crazy and adventurous- but my mum always said " wait till you get to New York"
So that was the Lagos of my childhood, one that people described with different features.
The first and most notable was also described in the words of a popular Yoruba Musician, saying on entering Lagos, " Wa pade awon ere meta, / agbagba meta, ikan ni, o gbodo rindin, ikeji ni ogbodo suegbe, iketa ni  o gbodo ya mungun l'Eko" intreprations: You will meet 3 statues on entering Lagos one says 'don't dull, the second says 'shine your eyes' and the third says never become a 'maga' in Lagos'

All that has been described both in vernacularly and colloquially sums up the fact that; Lagos seems to screams out loud a message that says BE SMART!
So in Lagos I see people running after something or something running after them;
I see people asleep in long staff buses early in the morning and then in the evenings to and from work. Yet Lagos is a beautiful place as well as some other places in Nigeria.
Whether you are 'Coming to America or " Coming to Lagos" Be Smart, Learn and be the very best God has destined you to be.
I am your billionaire coach.
Live smart!
Emmanuel Ayeni
Lifecoach,Engineer and Entrepreneur

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