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17 LESSONS FROM THE LIFE OF RUTH. Text. Ruth Chapters 1-4.
Ruth was a Moabite who had married one of Naomi’s Sons, when She and her family moved to Moab due to the famine in Israel. Below are 17 golden keys that can be observed from the life of this great woman.
1.Ruth was a woman in touch with her emotions. She did not hide or faker her feelings of loss and grief, rather, she let it all out.Ruth 1:8-9
2. Ruth was a woman of high integrity, she was true to her words,she meant what she said and said what she meant. Ruth 1:10,12,14.
3. She preferred and chose to explore the uncertainties of her future, than to be tied to the comfort of her present. Ruth 1:14.
4.She chose not to make a lasting, life-long decision based on the loss of the past. She had this “I will not shut the gate of the future based on the pain, grief or disappointment of the past” mindset. Ruth 1:14-15.
5.She understood that popular opinion isn’t always right. Ruth 1:15-16.
6.She had a strong resolve backed up by her faith in the God of her Mother-in-law, Naomi. Ruth 1:16.
7. She has been convinced and inspired by Naomi’s faith in crisis time. Ruth 1:6,21 Hebrews 13:7.
8. She believed and decided to follow the God of Israel no matter what. Ruth 1:17
9. She was proactive. She exercised initiative and was ready to deploy her survival instinct rather than a pitiable victim mentality. She went out to glean. Ruth 2:2.
10.Ruth was an uncommon protégé who cleaved to an uncommon Mentor- Naomi.
11. She was a woman who valued insight and relevant information chapter 2:1.
12. She never hesitated in asking for necessary favour and she was grateful when she received it. Ruth 2:7
13. She was diligent at gleaning; she gleaned from morning Ruth 2:7,
14. Sacrifice and kindness always attracts unmerited favour, respect and more kindness. Ruth 2:8-11.
15.The threshold of gleaning is the pathway to the fulfillment of purpose. Ruth 2:15-18.
16. Consistent, diligent gleaning is the pathway to greatness. Ruth 2:21-13; Ruth 3:11;4:13
17.Ruth understood and respected the law of protocol.
• She valued and obeyed the instruction of an uncommon mentor.3:1-5
• She understood the purpose and power of dressing for greatness. Ruth 3:3
• She conducted herself with decency and dignity. 3:10,14.
I believe we could learn one or more things from these lessons shared from the life of Ruth.
Watch out next week for more lessons from the book of Ruth.


Emmanuel Ayeni

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