Saturday, September 12, 2015


I have had a great week, great times, great surprises, great gains and a great loss but above all, it's a great week with all reasons to be grateful.
The  great loss being the passing away of my grand- father, an erudite and amiable 'young man' who passed away yesterday afternoon at a blessed old age of 93 years old.
However, couple of days ago, while
returning from an  hospital visit to my grandpa , I met a new friend .
I met Mr. Omoh on my trip to Lagos from Ibadan, He is the CEO of GMC outfits and amidst our talk about business, network marketing and life he shares 3 brief but candid points about Entrepreneurship.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must understand these simple rules

No  1: Understand that money begets Money

Rule 2 : Decide and determine your attitude to risk .
A calculated Risk where p+q=1
Rule 3  : understand that working for others won't necessarily make you rich-but it might .

Watch out for more tips and interviews with more icons and legends of greatness.

Emmanuel AYENI

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