Thursday, September 3, 2015


What I am about to share now can change your life in all respect, if you believe and practice it without any doubts.If you believe it Hook-line-and-sinker.This secret of the rich and wealthy has been taught by the sage all through the ages.
This is the belief that "More money is always flowing towards me faster than I can imagine,  I must only be always ready and willing to receive it. Are you Ready?
This principle lies on the Law of Abundance, there is no scarcity of money rather there is abundance.
The perfect analogy for this is to look at the abundance of water in the seas. All you need to do is to desire enough the quantity of water sufficient for you and to be audacious enough to go for your portion of it and you will be filled enough based on the capacity of your container or reservoir.
This goes directly to the issue of money or any thing you want, it already exists enough in abundance and that  it exists in some vast  amounts far or around you is proof that it exists and you also can lay hands on it.
To acquire your full portion of these  abundance will not require unnecessary competition but rather a strong desire and a powerful sense of definite purpose in going after it.
This might be in the form of setting (SMART)Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Timely  goals on how much you want and how badly you want it.
It might require you trade something you already have, begin to do your very best at what you currently do or begin to do the things you are naturally good at. You will need to take strategic steps right,NOW from  where you are.
To your financial dreams,
Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur
Twitter: @emmandus
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