Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Birthday Post: Grateful Without Holding Back

Its my birthday. Thanks for gifts,calls and messages rolling in from all media. Permit me to share with you today without holding back.  Its a great day and I want to share it with two great people in my life. Two great women- My two Mums.
Like every Great man, my story isn't  complete until I share without holding back..and this part of my story I have held back for years from most people. For the keenly observant, I have been quite "silent" about my "maternity  connection" so much that I have allowed my mothers birthdays to pass without making much buzz about it on social media. Even though I celebrate them greatly always and in every way. No regrets, I just wanted to share it all until a later time perhaps in some of my new books..However this is a sneek-peek.
God has blessed me enough to bless me with many mothers and most especially my two mums; one who brought me to the world and the other who brought me up and I am grateful to them and love them deeply . In a great way we ( 3 of us) all have our birthdays on different dates in December, so I share this day with them and appreciate my two mothers Gladys Bedell and Adesola Olukemi Ayeni .

I am grateful for two decades and more of earthly sojourn,all that I have and that I am is by the grace of God. I am daily excited because God is set to do much more today and in the years ahead than He has done in the past years of my life.
I am grateful for the gifts of family and friends. I am also grateful in the course of the year to God for my wonderful friend and love of my life Jumoke M Lawal
As we step into the new year with faith and hope. I look forward to launching my first newly published book of quotes #BrightIdeas and to exciting new beginnings...
Thank you all and Happy new year
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Emmanuel Ayeni

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