Saturday, January 2, 2016


It's a great day to be alive. Welcome to the new year and as it is common in every new year, we begin to set new resolutions and begin to set new goals, however it is not unusual for many to be overwhelmed with feelings of resentment and depression for goals that were not achieved in the past year and to easily want to give up on the whole goal setting or dream process. Today's charge to you is to never back down no matter what.

In 2014 I entered the Reading Challenge on Goodreads (, I wanted to read 100 books in the year but by the end of the year I succeeded in reading only 32 books. I didn't back down in 2015 I set a new goal and entered into the 100 book challenge and eventually read about 59 books in the whole year, while I did not hit my target, I am grateful for the level of progress, that is about 84 percent progress.
So this year 2016 I am excited to get into another Reading challenge to read 100 books for the year.

I also had plans to publish and launch my first book in the year 2015, while I did not achieve all of this, but I measured a level of progress and my newly published book is now set to be launched weeks from now.

No matter waht your goals are, do not back down pick them up again and go achieve greatness!

You can watch this talk YOUTUBE

NEver ever Give up!

Emmanuel Ayeni
Lifecoach,Engineer and Entrepreneur

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