Monday, February 1, 2016


It is a brand new month and a brand new day..i welcome you to the lovely month of February. This is the month of love, the couple's month.
January is gone forever and gradually the year is rolling bye and the new year ceases to be new  we have an opportunity and the blessing of a brand new month to realign our focus and redirect our efforts at achieving our most pressing goals.
This is a month to chase your passion and go after your dreams with renewed strength and commitment.  Run with renewed vigor, hold on to God's promises for you with tenacity and make it happen today and every day of this new month. Our creed should be "If it is to be, it is up to me, so I am committed to achieving my goals as a Person of Excellence this month".

This new  month I wish you  God's grace in every race of life, I wish you His full provision for every vision in your heart and I wish you more blessings as you go through each day's lessons and may you joyfully triumph as you live each day at your very full potential and achieve all that God has for you

Grow to greatness this month, Run ,gather momentum and dare the impossible for God is with you and you are empowered beyond measure!

You are blessed and highly favored!

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Emmanuel Ayeni

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