Saturday, February 6, 2016


Self love is the first step to Personal Power, and Personal power is the key that unleashes your Personal Greatness. You cannot love others truly without first loving yourself. What greater error can be more than refusing to love what God loves dearly and invested unfathomable value into.
By loving yourself you arrive at a place of fullness and consciousness where you can easily allow Supreme love flow to you and through you to other people , then you will be truly one with the Universe. That is what keeps the balance of life in place .
Your mistakes were part of your learning experience,the failures are lessons on your way to Greatness. The discontentment you feel is the voice of reason, urging you find out more, and reach out for more of the real essence of who you are,all of these form part of the path, the journey, which you must embrace and enjoy with all clarity and gratitude. This springs out from the core of self love.
Love yourself the way you are, and be all the more inspired by the best you are capable of becoming.
You have not achieved this mastery until you can truly say " I LOVE MYSELF THE WAY I AM!"

With much Love,

Emmanuel Ayeni,

Lifecoach,Engineer and Entrepreneur

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Emmanuel Ayeni

Lifecoach,Engineer and Entrepreneur

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