Saturday, April 30, 2016


I wrote this in  my archive months ago... I just want to share it anyways.. :)

Pleasant surprises. After my work shift today , I was opportuned to share some vital
blogging tips at a small presentation and was grateful for the reception, hospitality and above all, the progress made.
On getting home too, I was so enthused to have two packages delivered to me one was a bigger pack, coning through US postal services (definitely not another Google cheque yet) but I was excited to find that it was a newly published book I had ordered few weeks ago online along with a motivational course by Brendon Burchard - I  am glad it came in at last.
I cut the pack open and reached for the quality printed hard-back book- the motivation manifesto. Then I made myself a promise- I will be the first or the first set of people in the world to review this book. That was first published 1st of October 2014. I will review the best seller and publish it on my blog in 24hours.


That was a note from my archive... I actually didn't get to review the book in 24hours, as I actually just completed the book few months ago.

Emmanuel Ayeni
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