Thursday, June 2, 2016


I always like to learn from The richest King in history  who ever lived, King Solomon,and I will share briefly some lessons in this series ;
1.Learning Is Deliberate
There is a big difference between education and learning.Learning is deliberate.
It is in the habits of super achievers and billionaires to increase their learning.
One of the extraordinary habits which set champions apart is their willingness, consistency in growing their knowledge by continuous learning.
Billionaires create a culture of learning, they create their success by consciously renewing their minds with fresh and New information, they are always in a couple
of common but deliberate practices that make this possible and seem effortless.
2. Faith: Whether you call this gut or instinct, high flyers are people of strong faith.
According to King Solomon,High flyers Believe in order and structure of life and believe that God is the Supreme being that controls order of things and we are his agents
and partners in making things happen.
3. They are great listeners: Listening is the great tool and an integral part of having a great conversation. They listen attentively to people.
4. They have great advisers: High flyers use the service of best advisers from their parents, associates to other valued advisers.
5. They have grown their capacity to earn and manage wealth. This people have grown their capacity to learn, earn and also manage their wealth and they continuously build and create assets and not liabilities.
6. A life of Giving: most billionaires, or other super achievers always give back to the society, they understand that the best form of living is giving and they continuously give back to the Universe.

Emmanuel Ayeni
Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

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