Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy New Month!

Happy New Month!
It's a brand new day and a brand new month! I am so excited about this new month, January is gone! One down out of the wonderful twelve months in this amazing year!
I have been away from my podcasts for about 8months! Aww! That's way too long! However. the process of being away has made me clearer and more definite regarding what I am doing on the show.
I have two shows, the youtube video show is #RiseToGreatness while the show on Soundcloud is #BrightIdeas, the same title with my new book.

The daily inspirational podcast, Bright Ideas will be released every morning on Soundcloud

I was so glad to bring back your daily inspirational show on SoundCloud after a long break, #BrightIdeas is now back, Better and Stronger!
You can listen to all past epsiodes and receive alerts for future episodes by subscribing on Soundcloud:

You want to find Listen to #Ep.26 of #BrightIdeas. "February is here! Happy New Month ;Happy NewYear by EmmanuelAyeni on #SoundCloud


Emmanuel Ayeni
Have you ever felt like flipping a switch that takes away all your money worries?
Have you ever wished you knew how to make money non-stop no matter where you are?
What if you could make so much money to live the life of your dreams, have both money and time freedom to enjoy with your loved ones?
What if you could learn practical ways to make yourself rich many times over legally?
Imagine having your own money printing machine at home, printing cool clean cash for you each time you press the button, this is the exact image of what will happen when you learn the money mastery secrets in this fresh and sizzling  3-day hot course on WhatsApp .

This 3 day Money Mastery seminar for a group of 30 people who are ready to end their money worries and learn to make their own money printing machine..
I will take you by the hand and show you 
-7 ways to End Your Money worries right away
 -Personal and Money Mastery Strategies 
- Millionaire Mastery principles
-Success secrets and a review of 5 Personal Finance
-7 Personal finance resources on your financial freedom and life's journey.
- 7 fast paying skills that will make you richer today.

Class starts on WhatsApp on Friday 10th Febraury, 2017.This is for a small fee.
In order not to shut anyone out of this Class Admission is for N3000 only  . You can get in now as the price will be increased later.
 Please message me on +2347033875827 to make payment and be added to class.

PS. Registration will soon be placed on hold  so I can kick off with those who have registered.
Once again fee is #3000(Nigerian Naira)! for the first 30 people to join the WhatsApp class, afterwards the fee will be increased,you can message me now on +2347033875827 to be added to the class. 

PS2. If you are from outside Nigeria the class will cost you $30 (payments via paypal, western union or bitcoin) contact: +2347033875827

Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

Twitter: @emmandus
Whatsapp: 07033875827
BBpin: 5C365BD8

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BBpin: 5C365BD8

Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

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