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BOOK Review: In Pursuit of Purpose

BOOK Review:

Book Title: In Pursuit of Purpose
Author: Dr Myles Munroe was a teacher, International Speaker, Consultant to Governments and President of the Bahamas Faith Ministries.
Book Reviewer: Emmanuel Ayeni
©1992  Pages: 149 pages, chapters: 12 chapters.
Growing up in a family of 6, and experiencing life from different angles, the subject of purpose crossed my mind more times than once like a million of other young people. With every measure of knowledge I gained on purpose, came more sense of power and clarity. Having read a few books on purpose, I found In Pursuit of Purpose a very explanatory and concise book on this subject. In this book, Dr Myles Munroe, helps the reader to understand the nitty- gritty, the urgency and the real need to pursue and fulfill God’s purpose for one’s life. The book attempts to help the reader answer some of life’s most important and pressing questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” Turning the pages of the book is a journey in search of purpose and mastery of one’s identity in life’s scheme of things as this is the key to all success and fulfillment either on a corporate scale or as individuals.
Dr Munroe made use of colorful illustrations and proper anecdotes in introducing all major ideas while also acknowledging a world with people craving for fulfillment which comes from discovery of purpose.
In Chapter one “Understanding Purpose”, the ground was set for basic explanations of purpose, he shared 8 principles of purpose which sum up the Universality of purpose, how everything in life has purpose-which basically is the original intention for which the creator (God) created any individual or a manufacturer creating an item and understanding this is the key to personal fulfillment.
Chapter 2, The Nature of Purpose, goes a step further to examine the attributes and characteristics of purpose. The basic elements of purpose which he explained as God’s intention for our lives have informed our designs and nature. He established further that our purpose which remains constant, is bigger than us and that the world needs what we have to offer.
In Chapter 3 “The Principles of Purpose, the author shared 7 principles that purpose gives meaning and significance to life and when this is not known abuse is inevitable, therefore to know the purpose of anything we must ask the Manufacturer and since God made everything with and for a reason, then it’s only wise to turn to God in pursuit of purpose.

Chapter 4 borders on “The priority of Purpose” revealing that all our potentials, design, make- up and unique abilities are clues to our purpose which is always backed up by God’s provisions.
In Chapter 5 “Purpose and Time”, we see how life makes no meaning without purpose as our entire lives from birth to death occasions the countdown of time which is given for fulfillment of purpose.  Time is just an interruption or a tiny fraction of eternity-this is the realm where God exists.
Chapter 6, Purpose and Position” examines 6 principles which hinges on the premise that everything has a purpose which determines its status in relationship to everything else, hence he pointed out that “You cannot fulfill your purpose if you are in the wrong position”
Chapter7 “Purpose and vision’ explains vision as the ability to see the end from the beginning and that purpose serves as a guide along its line of vision in line with necessary goals and action plans. The 4 principles shared at the end of this chapter states succinctly how:
1.     Purpose creates vision
2.    Vision produces goals
3.     Goals determine the necessary steps toward the desired end.
ii.            Goals dictate companions
iii.           Goals determine decisions
iv.           Goals predict choices
v.             Goals create priorities
vi.           Goals provide a measure for progress.
4.    A plan incorporates and unifies the designated steps towards the efficient fulfillment of purpose.
‘The Benefits of Purpose” is the subject of Chapter 8, the author while noting “Purpose doesn’t make life easy, it makes it possible”  also shared 7 benefits of purpose being confidence, protection, perseverance,objectivity,contentment,joy and that purpose commits God to us thereby bringing intercession of the holy Spirit into our lives.
Chapter 9 “ The source of Purpose”  here we see God as the source of purpose and how he has destined us to manifest His glory (His true nature) and it’s only sin or our disobedience that destroys this opportunity .
Chapter 10 “The perils of Purpose” expresses the need to understand purpose and live within it as we comprehend its impact in our lives while not giving any room to disobedience, arrogance or despair along the pursuit of purpose.
In Chapter 11. “Purpose and Success” Dr Myles takes us in to understand God’s view of success against the world view which is clearly distinguished as being rather than doing . He states “to be successful is to finish the originally intended assignment according to the plan and the specifications of the creator.” We see purpose as the key and foundation of success. It is not doing the good thing but it is doing the right thing.
Finally, Chapter Twelve brings the discussion in the book to a close with “A word to the Third World” He states here that the “true freedom and fulfillment comes from discovery and understanding of personal purpose, not the expectations and opinions of others.
In the pages of this book Myles Munroe has done a great work of unveiling everything needed by anyone to discover, understand and successfully pursue his or her  life’s purpose with clarity while fulfilling all of God’s expectations for his life.
This is a book to be read and fully digested over again by every young person and by people of all ages.
Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur.
Emmanuel Ayeni is  a Personal Development Consultant, Life coach, Inspirational speaker and entrepreneur. As an Engineer, he holds a B.Tech in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and in Systems Engineering.
He is also Projects Head at Emmandus Networks. A Consulting, Engineering Technology and Logistics company. He currently works and lives in Lagos Nigeria with his beautiful wife Jumoke.
Facebook: Emmanuel  O. Ayeni

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