Tuesday, December 12, 2017

7 Empowering Thoughts As the Year Ends

7 Empowering Thoughts As the Year Ends! By Emmanuel Ayeni

Gradually the year winds off to a wonderful end, thank God for the gift of life.

The emotions that this brings can either be of two natures; it can be one of exciting fulfillment, for goals already achieved or that of disappointment for goals not yet achieved

This piece seeks to help you make the best use of the remaining  weeks that mark the end of the year and encourage everyone to embrace the New Year with a positive outlook.

1. Review Your Year-Round Goal: Virtually everyone has a goal or resolution at the beginning of the year. The goals might be business, family or career goals. This is the point where it is necessary to review your entire goals and tick off the ones achieved, and the ones not yet achieved, this helps to appreciate the level of success achieved and to have a launch pad from where to begin again.

2. Plan And Set New Goals: Having gone through your goals and seeing where you might have fallen short with your old goals, it is now necessary to plan actionable steps around the unachieved goals while setting fresh goals for the New Year. You need to start now to re-strategize and re-calibrate yourself.

3. Pay up and settle old debts: It’s usually common to hear people humorously say 'Do not go into the new year with an old debt", there just might be an element of truth in that. These few days might not be enough to pay off all your debts, if you have any, but it might be just enough to settle some vital outstanding debts or to have clear conversations with creditors about workable and convenient plans for offsetting such. 

There is a peaceful feeling you get when you do certain things, settling a debt or having an agreement with creditors might be one of them.

4. Invest The Remaining Time: It is not really how much time you had that makes the difference but the impact you make in the time you have. You can Invest this short time in spending more time with family, acquiring a new skill, learning a new computer application, software, praying and planning for the new year, reading or writing  a new book, applying for new jobs, researching or joining a new venture or volunteering in community development activities.

5. Engage in More Positive Activities: The fact that the year is going to an end isn't enough reason to quit and give up on all positive things that you would have done ordinarily. Do more positive things, meet more people, network more, go where you have never gone before, build bridges, plant a tree, do some charity works, visit the orphanage, give out a gift, mend broken relationships, do what you have never done before- so far, it's good, positive and it contributes to your positive self-esteem and fulfillment.

6. Make And Save More Money! : Yeah! It feels good making money legally, especially when you make it doing what you like doing. Money is essential to daily living, and when else will some extra cash be appreciated if not in the festive period as this. Make some money if you can, you can provide goods and services needed in festive periods like decorations, catering services, apply for new roles or fill other needs around you.

This is a good time to save more money and not be swept off by impulsive spending characteristic of festive periods. Budget and set your financial records straight as the year ends and also plan and prayerfully make projections for the New Year.

7. Stay Thankful And Grateful:  In everything, we should always give thanks to God Almighty. In the remaining days of this year, you should thank God for the wonderful gift of life because it's His grace that has kept us in peace throughout the course of the year and where there is life, there is hope- things will always get better for the grateful heart.

Keep Rising To Greatness,

Emmanuel Ayeni 

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