Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Success Loves Speed..

On your journey to success in life you need to build momentum before you can gain speed.
There are 7 areas in life you will achieve success in order to be truly Successful... Time is of the essence, hence the need for speed. To Gain speed you first need to build momentum.
Success is tied to Momentum
It is through motion that a body builds momentum. Nothing moves except it's moved! When you are already moving you have more tendency to gather speed and achieve the speed that SUCCCESS LOVES.
Whatever moves possesses energy, from laws of physics, kinetic energy is the energy a body has due to its motion.
From the conscious effort of moving towards my goal, I can gather momentum , gain speed, generate more energy essential to creating levels of change I desire and to break into newer circles.
Will you like to discover a set of powerful techniques for consistently creating Success and moving towards your goals with clarity, precision and energy?

Then join the next edition of SUCCESS FORMULA WhatsApp Class on Saturday 14th of July,2018. from 9am-12pm
This 3 hour intensive online class won't cost you an arm or a leg it's just N1000 only.
To Attend THE SUCCESS FORMULA WhatsApp Class with Emmanuel Ayeni.
Make a payment of N1000 to GTB 0049694795
Kindly send your payment details and name to 07033875827 on WhatsApp to be added to class.
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🙌 📹🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬📹🙌 . ... .
PS. Money Making Skills...

Do you have or lack the money making skills?
Most people don't need money , what they lack and need are the right skills which will make money to pay the bills and finance dreams.
To be relevant in your world in these exponential times, there is a need to regularly evaluate your rate of personal development .
In this new easy to read Ebook, I share Five Great Skills That Will Change Your life, make you more money and meaning than you have ever dreamt of.
To order a copy of this ebook
Pay N1000 only to
Emmanuel Ayeni
Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
Send your Name and Email address on Whatsapp to +2347033875827
to receive your book in the email after payment,

Emmanuel Ayeni

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PSS: There is never a better time to invest in your Financial Freedom than now.
All is now ready and set for the next Personal and Financial Mastery Training holding online in a closed Facebook Group and on WhatsApp.
To join the next edition send a message to +2347033875827.
This 6 hour Class holds online in a closed Facebook Group.
This edition  costs N5,000 but it will be available this week at an amazing discount only for a limited time, if you are among the early action takers.
To join the next edition holding on Saturday 30th  of June, 2018 by 9am kindly pay the sum of N3,999 (early bird price) into
Guaranty Trust Bank
Emmanuel Ayeni

Send SMS and payment details to +2347033875827 in this format *PFM*Fullname*Email*
You also get Bumper Bonuses (worth over N50,000 ) after registration
👈30minutes one on one Coaching call with me
👈 A copy of my fast selling Ebook Money Making Skills: 5 Money Making SKills for more Income and Impact
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👈 7 Day money back guarantee

PS. The N3,999 early bird offer ends by Friday 27th July, 2018 and price will be back to N5,000
PSS. The $27 Seminar cost can also be made in other currencies or cryptocurrency.
All enquiries to emmanueloayeni@gmail.com
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