Monday, February 22, 2021

ATTENTION! It's up to you



If it is to  be, it is up to you!

One of the key Principles of Success is the Principle of Personal Responsibility .

In simple terms, it means anyone who desires a level of change has to want it enough to go after it or initiate it.

The Door of enduring  Change has got only one knob and that knob opens from the inside, only you can turn it and eventually  open it.

If you want enduring change in your job, finance, relationship or any part of your life, you must be willing to go inside and open that door from the inside by doing whatever it  takes that is ethically right.

Many times this knob of decision will turn the door open on the hinges of choices and actions.

No government or Boss or friend is coming to save you, really.

People might  bring lessons or blessings to your life but you see,  you are still the one  that will open the door, to receive the mail, pick up the cheques or take the delivery.

It's 100% Yours!

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel Ayeni 

 World-class Coach and Trainer

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