Friday, November 30, 2012


My thought about the box has led me to write more about this topic and in the process I set out to find answers to the questions posed earlier in our earlier post.The basis for these questions is the cliche,'thinking outside the box'. The important question here is 'What is the nature of the box?'

The box is anything that limits or reduce our natural flow or expression..It is any lid on the total expression of our creativity, in other words, it could be an object out of our imaginations,it might be the object of our fears

More often than not,this limitation is one that has been placed by the society or the cultural environment in which we find ourselves, no matter how it appears the box is a dream killer.


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So what is the content of the box and of what stuff is it made of? The content of the box isn't of much difference form its nature ,the box has in myriads of reasons not to take the first leap in the right direction,it is full of reasons for not getting things done right away and enough excuse to procrastinate. Also found inside this box are the set norms which define our very existence and unhealthy ways of thinking which has blighted our views...

We may now begin to think about the location of the box...Its location is not hidden and its dimension not confusing for we are the ones who determine the length, breadth and width of the box which blanks our minds from possibility thinking.

Till we meet again,I will like to read your comments on the subject of the box...

Your great friend,

Emmanuel Ayeni

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