Friday, February 28, 2014

Reach Out!

Most times we cower. We recline in our comfort zones and wait for our dreams to materialize when all we need to do is to reach out.
All we need , all we desire or require most times is always within reach and if we don't reach for  it, it just wouldn't happen.
This piece is an eye opener to what we can achieve when we use the power of synergy.

Reach out for help..
Do not die in silence do not suffer alone..your own Zenith will always be another person's Nadir..
Your entry point into a circumstance has been another man's exit point..
What you are struggling to achieve someone already achieved many times over and with great ease.
We rarely need to reinvent the wheel; some one somewhere is always glad to show us he has already done that.
If we can do away with our pride or ego, the insurmountable becomes conquerable, because we have  learned to receive help.

Reach our for Answers!
Quality questions are the gateway to quality answers... Today you need to reach out for answers in books,
You need to ask those who have gone ahead of you in a chosen encdeavor.

Reach out for Leverage
The whole concept of reaching out is all about Leverage..makes you do much more than you can ordinarily do on your own, it makes you
achieve much more with less  resources.
You can use other people's , form of loans, or grants,
You can use the leverage of other people's Time
The other vital resource is other people's experience..You don't have to learn from your own experiences
learn from other people's experience...Leverage
The secrets of great men is always in their stories...
Reach out for stories and experiences of others, in books, biographies of great and super

Reach out to GOD

When you get God! Everything else is settled. He is the author and creator of your life and He is always
able to do beyond your thoughts or imaginations.
God can never be stranded! He is able!

Your greatness is nearer than you can imagine.

Your Billionaire Friend!

Emmanuel Ayeni.

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