Monday, March 17, 2014


I have for years been thinking about doing something about this topic. The subject of Inspiration and Motivation. I will not proceed to think about how to start, because my inspiration has gotten a better part of me. I sit at table studying and in a sizzzle hall trying to work on my MLM goals for the week (Yeah, among other things, I am a Networker, a great one indeed, I picture myself as one), then I see my cursor ‘dancing’ and so I finally hit the keys- sounds like hitting the road huh? I decided to write about the subject of inspiration.

The definition of inspiration will be delayed for a later time, but I will dwell on the description today. Many people, in the creative part of life may be in the arts of painting, writing, drama, or music, have laid claims to different themes or things as an inspiration as a catalyst for improved performance at what they do.
So I on this terms I define inspiration form a personal stand point. My Inspiration to write or to speak, or to act on a problem with view to solution.
The whiteness of a blank page or white paper, the wonderful scent of a flowery garden, the lush green grass of a wonderful garden. The terrific sound and sight of a waterfall; the unrhythmic dance of the fountain pen on pages of a book, the chirpings of birds, sounds of the crickets at night these to me can be very inspiring.

Inspiration is watching the rain fall from behind a glass screen or shield. It is depicted in watching seedlings germinate or a crawling child make its first steps. The rigorous but exciting Experience of reaching the peak of a mountain top and standing at the summit is inspirational!

Inspiration is watching two happy couples in their 80’s hold hands and taking a walk down the natural park.

Inspiration is watching a team of ants lift a crumb of cake that doubles their collective mass.

Inspiration is listening to the sonorous voice of a damsel making the best music without any instruments. Inspiration is travelling over the country lands of Africa and seeing beautiful sights of trees of rails and good roads.
Inspiration is of course looking at the blinking cursor on a blank page and knowing it could be woven into thoughts and ideas that could travel far beyond you and break the boundaries of culture, religion, race and even class.
Inspiration is looking up at the deep blue sky with its silvery edges and knowing that these were all created by the greatest Genius and Omnipotent God- The Almighty and knowing that He alone is the greatest source of Inspiration.

How do you describe or define inspiration? I enjoy reading comments and feed backs from you.

Never lose your Inspiration!
Emmanuel Ayeni
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