Sunday, March 16, 2014

SUNDAY SIZZLE: The Peculiar Sunday

What does going to church mean to you?
There are so many things that are the highlights of a peculiar or memorable Sunday service, one  of it could be what makes a Sunday service significant, this may differ  for any attendant or church goer, and perhaps it might be the same for all believers.
A regular church service might start with an opening prayer, most, but not all churches start with Sunday school as the first Session after the workers' or ministers' meeting. I speak based on a similar pattern I have observed from  churches I  attended over the years  and even as  also a member of  some interdenominational bodies.
So the order most churches follow is that of Prayer,Praise and Worship,Prayer Session (in some cases this might be brief on Sundays), Choir ministrations,perhaps some drama ministrations, Message time, Announcement and Benediction/Grace.

I believe there is no one-size -fits all approach to illustrating a regular church programme, every church always has a mix of some or all of these in different proportions, and what matters most is that. God's presence is felt, souls are saved, people are blessed in all respect. This is my picture of a regular church programme but Still there is something much more about every Sunday service undescribable in all its totality.
There is so much love, the joy and the peculiar atmosphere that must be of a supernatural dimension that makes even the physical ambience and exraordinary one.

Being  in church on Sunday as the LORD commands has different impacts on us all, I will like to know how it impacts you personally.

Be blessed

Emmanuel Ayeni
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