Monday, June 16, 2014

5 Channels of Personal Greatness

Today is a wonderful day, I appreciate God for this precious gift. We will carefully explore the 5 channels of personal greatness .
1.Find what it is: There's always something peculiar to everyone, it is part of your identity. This uniqueness about you sets you apart from others and its awareness creates the beginning of a quest, your own journey. Some coaches call it your path,some mentors call it purpose,talent or passion. I choose to call it God's will for you. The Book calls it so. Your passion is the seed of greatness in you. Whatever it is, find it!

2. Just do it.
This is the secret of every super-achiever, there is no mincing words. Once you find your talent you got to use it. Once you find purpose you need to give yourself solely to it. Let the passion of finding purpose consume you,move you out of the comfort zone till you lay your hands on it and act it up till it gels. Draw the sketch! Make the phone calls, make the presentation. Take Action. Inaction achieves no good. Just do It! If you are in doubt, ask the Nike! Brand.

2. Do it right
As important as taking action may seem,you haven't hit the bulls eye if you aren't taking the right action. You need to take the right actions do the right thing. I love Toyota Highlander, the Ford Explorers or even the Ferrari Spider but none of these in their factory-perfect conditions will get you there faster if you have chosen the wrong tracks! The earlier you retrace your paths the best for you! Do it right and you eliminate the unnecessary hassles of doing it all over again.

3. Do it once:
The secret of doing at all is getting yourself to do it once.If you can do it right and do it once, then you can replicate it. Believe me, if you made the basket once you have built up your confidence for the two-point shots and even the three pointers. Do it once. This is just the beginning of getting yourself into the act.

4. Don't stop doing IT:

Now it's all your choice. You don't have to. But I believe you will choose to. This is your purpose the essence of who you are, you have found what it is, in a way it has defined who you are and who you are going to be and who goes on the journey with you.
In fact, you have done it once, you have done it right. However this doesn't count if you stop after you did it once. You never stop doing the right thing. You keep at it. this is your business; your life's mission the journey of your talent. Doing it right every time moves you closer to the greater goal of becoming who you were meant to be influencing your world to greatness and achieving mastery. The discovery of consistency is the beginning of mastery.

5. Teach others to do IT:
You have come thus far. And all of these have contributed to who you are. God has brought you here for a reason. This is another level of fulfillment.You need to teach. This is the stage where you become a coach. You will play this role in different settings as life gives the platform. Your given platform might be that of a Father, Mother, a business executive,a University Professor, a Pastor, a Religious leader, a friend or even a lover.
The platforms will change but the roles and objective will be the same. Share the Love, the knowledge, disseminate information.
Be the lighthouse, a shining light and a guide.
This is the best you can be

Be the best you were meant to be!

Your Billionaire friend!

Emmanuel Ayeni
EMMANDUS Networks Nigeria
Twitter: @emmandus

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