Wednesday, November 5, 2014


It's a great day as always at EMMANDUS NETWORKS! I also believe it is a great day for you too. It's nice to be back after 7 days of silence on this blogging. I have gone virtually 'offline' and away. Sometimes you need got to get away to have a come-back.It wasn't easy not to blog after over 70days of blogging none stop, at times I felt out of place not blogging but I did a bit of writing and more of studying, conversations and observations especially with my self. In between, I did go on a short trip with more observation and reflection.

Within my 7 days away, I felt a loss of connection to my clan, my community and I am so glad to be back.I will continue from where I stopped and will continue on the lesson series daily. I have started to work more on my projects, my first book, my goals of 100 youtube videos, my 100 podcasts

Stay tuned!

Emmanuel Ayeni

Your billion-dollar friend.

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