Monday, December 22, 2014


It's a great day! It's another wonderful Monday as we move to the end of the month of December. My write up today, is a challenge to chase your goals.
If you try once and don't succeed, try, try and ty again. Good things some people say come to those who wait; Great things, I believe come to those who dare to Go for it.
Someone opined that the reason the bull dog's nose is slanted backwards is so that it can keep on running without letting go or stopping to catch it's breath.
I attended a friend's event recently and I remember how persistent he was about hosting this event years away even when the conditions were not right and just days ago it happened for him. If you want it so much; don't stop ,go for it.
I can share a personal account for which I am still grateful. Three years ago, I had a strong desire to execute a project, I prepared, prayed and planned every year but It just didn't work out; I kept believing every year, worked and prayed more while changing my approach to its implementation and couple of days ago something positive happened as regards the project-it worked!.
You have never failed until you stop trying, because you are tired of failing. You need not only set big, bold and audacious goals but you also need to be courageous to go after them and make them happen.
Your creed will be, If I fall, I will rise again; I will keep at it until I succeed because SUCCESS is my reality.

Go For it !

Emmanuel Ayeni
Your billionaire friend

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