Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The past year-2014 was a wonderful year, I am grateful to  God for; as I shared in a previous article 'A year in Review', however there were some lessons I took away from the year which i think needs sharing.

1. Never stop working on your goals daily. This point is one of the secrets of achieving an goals or resolutions set for the year. Most times we set big goals and refuse to break them into actionable simple daily plans or action points, and the entire goal becomes an avalanche as year rolls bye an example of this was my reading plan for 2014.I had planned to read 100 books for the year but by failing in my daily-weekly and in turn monthly target, I couldn't make the challenge and stopped at over 32 books at the year end. Act daily on your goals. Do something little.

2. Preparation is vital. He who really fails to plan has truly planned to fail. Always prepare ahead. Never be caught unawares. Lack of preparation costs you much more than the time and effort it would have taken you to prepare and plan before final execution. This lesson personally  cost me hundreds of  dollars in the last  year.

3. Gratitude is a great Attitude: Nothing can be too much to be written or said in praise of gratitude. Last year on this blog I engaged in a couple of 30 day writing challenge, but none is as great as the 30 days of gratitude challenge, it has not left me the same and I can't but write a full post on lessons learnt in subsequent posts. Gratitude is the source of unlimited power and wealth as well as other good things are attracted to power.

4. Track it! To be consistent a good tracking and accountability system is the secret of consistency. Every goal I set in different spheres were only much more easily attained when regularly tracked and when  an accountability system were put in place. The accountability system might be a software available to a group of users or much more a Mentor or a mastermind group.

5. Never ever ever give up!. In the last year I learnt the value of persistence and never ever giving up. No matter what do not give up. You might change your approach or revisit your goals with flexibility but never ever give up.

6. God is Able.: God is the sole constant in the equation of Life.  He is able to do all that He says he would do, He is unlimited in power and His divine abilities find full expression through us.
These, among other things are part of  lessons I learnt in 2014.
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Cheers to a greater 2015,

Emmanuel Ayeni

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