Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Navigating with Questions.THE 5 Ws.
Nice to be back, I have been away answering vital questions and to some helping others do same.
This is the final phase in the series on navigating with the right questions.
We have looked at using the power of 'Why'. In this piece we will look at navigating your paths and giving clarity to your goals with the 5 Ws.
The 5 W's  are What, Who, WhereWhen and When. We will look at them one at a time. Let's take for instance that I set a financial goal to make $10,000 monthly, then I can begin to use each of the 5 Ws to evaluate this goal.
1.What? This question gives more clarity as to the specific nature of the goal. What goals do I want to achieve and what will I do achieve it? From the example above, the goal is $10,000.
2.When? This helps address the question of Time or frequency with respect to the goal at hand. When do you want the $10,000? Now from our example our goal is to make $10000 monthly.

3.Where? This answers the questions of location, areas or angle with respect to achieving. Where is this money coming from, where will I make the $10,000 from ? A simple yet generic answer to this is here or there, where you are now.
4.,Who? This answers the question of people. No man is an island and every great feat is usually achieved by a great team. Who is or are the set of people vital to the achievement of your goals? For our $10,000 example, WHO are the people necessary to help or assist in achieving the financial goal.? The likely answers are, people who have or are currently living this reality, mentors, investors, business teams or partners.
5. The Why? Here again we examine the reason, the 'why' this is the basis of your desire to achieve your goal. It is your motivation for achieving this goal and it keeps you going where every other thing changes.
NB. These 5 Ws will help provide certain measure of clarity to your goals and generally considering  How? Answers the question of skill or strategy with regards to each of them in view of your goals.

To your Success,
Emmanuel Ayeni
Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

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