Tuesday, August 11, 2015


It is not only enough to ask the right questions; we must also be open to receive  and act on positive feedback.

How Crazy are you about your dreams? How badly do you want them?.
When asking questions about your goals or situation, one key tool is to use the  WHY STRATEGY. I understood this strategy more at a technical  training recently as shared by an articulate and interesting Romanian friend and facilitator.
To get to the root of it, Ask ' WHY?' and answer this till you are 5 levels deep. For instance, Why am I not making a billion dollars in my business? Because I have not been doing 'X', Why have I not been doing X? Because I do not know something about X? Why don't I know something about X? Because Y has not been planned out...Why??

The "WHY Strategy" takes you deep down into the root of the problem at hand. This is a great tool in Root Cause Analysis.
And when the root cause is known you can start acting and doing something about it!
We will see more techniques tomorrow by God's grace.

Rise To Greatness,

Emmanuel Ayeni

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