Thursday, September 24, 2015


Blogging is important to me, it affords me opportunity to be able to share my writing, and writing is a great part of my life as well as speaking.I constantly look forward to sharing value with everyone in my sphere.Regularly and Consistently.Today, while thinking over this, i decided to recreate a regular schedule for all daily posts. While bringing on-board a level of variety and with certain degree of unpredictability, here are the categories for each day.

Mondays will feature my regular renderings or "Seminar" on Twitter titled "RISE TO GREATNESS"

Tuesdays will feature articles on Financial Intelligence or my popular seminar tag MONEY MASTERY

Wednesday will bring about happenings from around the world.

Thursdays I will bring amazing BOOK REVIEWS on this day.

Fridays: Motivational Articles

Saturday: This will feature MOVIE REVIEWS or lessons from Movies.

Sunday: This is the day I share spirituality posts.

I hope to share more value along this categories.

Kindly share your opinions on what you would love to read in the comments section.

Keep Rising to Greatness!

Emmanuel AYENI

Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur
Twitter: @emmandus
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